Reverse Mortgage Application

california homeIf you’re a homeowner interested in applying for a reverse mortgage, talk to David Chee for solid, knowledgeable and ethical advice. He asks the questions that will help the borrower determine their ideal loan arrangement.  There is no reverse mortgage application fee. To get started with a free, customized quote on a loan, visit David’s Contact page.


The following documentation is needed to complete a reverse mortgage application:

  • Evidence of Date of Birth – Copy of Drivers License or DMV Identification Card
  • Evidence of Social Security Number – Social Security or Medicare card
  • Mortgage statement or name of the lender and loan number, if applicable
  • Complete copy of Living Trust, if applicable, including Schedule A and notarized pages
  • Homeowner’s Insurance declaration page
  • HUD Counseling Certificate (see Counseling page)

If the reverse mortgage application is for a condominium that is not currently FHA-approved, there are certain additional documents required.

Documents needed for FHA Condominium Approval (Existing Construction)

california condos

  1. Recorded Plat Map indicating legal description
  2. Recorded Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs)
  3. Signed and adopted by-laws
  4. Articles of Incorporation filed with the State
  5. Recorded Condominium Site Plans
  6. Plan or Evidence of Transfer of Control
  7. Proposed or Actual Budget
  8. Reserve Study
  9. Management Agreement, if applicable

Once the chosen lender has received the required information, the loan processors open escrow, order the title work and order an appraisal of your home.

For a detailed timeline and next steps to the completion of a Reverse Mortgage, visit the Timeline page. When you’re ready to proceed, request a free quote from David Chee.

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