David Chee Reverse Mortgage Specialist “David was extremely responsible, helpful, informative, friendly, conscientious and competent. He went out of his way to always be responsive and accessible. He was respectful and very courteous at all times to myself, my mother, and my brother during this important process and transaction. In addition, David is extremely intelligent, skilled and well-qualified to teach and represent clients in their best interests. He is an exceptional individual who truly wants to help people.” -S.S., Lafayette, CA

David Chee Reverse Mortgage Specialist “David was an absolute pleasure to work with on the reverse mortgage process.  He’s patient – didn’t object to my asking the same question many times. He always answered my phone calls pronto. I don’t know exactly how to express this but, David beautifully blends professional relationships with a personal one while never getting out of focus. Without question, I would refer my friends to David.” -M.H., Berkeley, CA

David Chee Reverse Mortgage Specialist “David answered all of our questions and addressed all of our concerns in a very satisfactory manner.  We began to believe that he was indeed working on our behalf (in contrast to our less pleasant parallel experience with Wells Fargo).
-B.H., Cambria, CA

David Chee Reverse Mortgage Specialist “David Chee was a jewel to work with and I would recommend him to anyone that I think of for a reverse mortgage.” -G. W., Belvedere

David Chee Reverse Mortgage Specialist “I was referred to David Chee by my friend. She was so pleased with his presentation, manners, knowledge, and demeanor. I had similar experiences with David. He was very helpful – answered all my questions and really helped me to understand just what I could expect from my reverse mortgage. He also talked with my grandson to explain the procedure to him.” -E.H., Hercules, CA

David Chee Reverse Mortgage Specialist “Both of us were particularly pleased with our encounter with David Chee. He is personable and well versed in his line of work. We recommended him, personally, to our friends who are contemplating a reverse mortgage. You have a real asset in David Chee.” -D. F., Yuba City, CA

David Chee Reverse Mortgage Specialist “When David says he strives to provide excellent service, he means it. He was knowledgeable, ethical, courteous and genuinely cared about my mother in-law’s situation. He was never pushy and always returned phone calls and emails in a timely manner. When I asked for additional information, he went beyond what was called for to provide it. When our living trust had a problem that required a lawyer’s services, he found one for us. When the lawyer ended up charging more than expected, David paid the difference himself, out of his own pocket. This demonstrates his integrity. He gave full disclosure for everything which, I know other salespeople would not. I give my highest recommendation and will refer any friends of family needing a reverse mortgage to him because he can be trusted and provides outstanding service.” -J. G., Oakland, CA

David Chee Reverse Mortgage Specialist “David Chee was an extremely nice man. He was easy to talk to and explained the reverse mortgage so we could easily understand it. We liked David the first time we talked to him on the phone. We liked him even more when he came out to our house. We have total confidence in him.” -J.F., Pacifica, CA

David Chee Reverse Mortgage Specialist “David is personable, honest, and sincerely cares for his clients…and that will tell volumes in the future.” -W. H., Walnut Creek

David Chee Reverse Mortgage Specialist “I don’t think there is anyone who is more knowledgeable about the process and more helpful as well. You went out of your way to do what was right. You are a credit to your profession.” -D.B., San Francisco, CA

David Chee Reverse Mortgage Specialist “David is very professional. He has charm, style and charisma. If you have more gentlemen like him, which is rare, you will be on top in this business.” -J. V., San Francisco

David Chee Reverse Mortgage Specialist “My mom said she is all done and now waits for the money. She is so appreciative of all your special help and care for her, as am I. I think this was the best decision. It really has lifted her depression!” -K. D., Santa Cruz

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